8 Examples of Bad Motoring That Can Cause Road Rage

Road Rage

Anyone that travels on Britain’s roads will sooner or later come across a spot of road rage by some really angry or annoyed motorists. I was actually witnessing to some road rage myself earlier; I had pulled up behind a car that was sat at some traffic lights, and there was a filter lane to the left of me.

Some guy in a Mercedes-Benz C-Class drove up behind me and started sounding his horn and flapping his hands in the air like some kind of madman – all because he couldn’t fit his car through the gap between the left-hand corner of the back of my car, and the left-hand filter lane! If you want to learn more about the auto industry, check out this website https://24thoughts.com/ to get detailed information.

I suspect this “motorist” wanted me to somehow merge my car with the car in front of me so that he could get through the gap – even though the traffic light for his lane was also red at the time…

Anyway, whilst pondering that incident earlier, I thought I’d come up with an interesting new blog post – 8 of the most common road rage causes!

1. Driving without indicating

Some might say that people who drive certain German vehicles are guilty of doing this, but I’ve seen people in other nationalities of cars doing the same thing.

2. Reversing without looking

Another somewhat dangerous pastime of many an absent-minded motorist is reversing a car out of a parking space or driveway into the path of oncoming traffic without looking if it is clear to do so first of all!

3. Straddling lanes

Don’t you just hate it when you are driving on the motorway or a dual carriageway, and a motorist is more concerned about the illegal mobile phone conversation they are having than the fact that they are straddling two lanes? You can also visit this website https://news-takeuchi.com/ to get detailed information about automobiles.

4. Tailgating

There are many people out there who think it is OK to drive really close behind the car in front of them (like literally about 30 centimeters behind the car in front). Not only is this annoying, but it’s a common cause of road traffic accidents.

5. Slow tractors and other agricultural vehicles

Tractors are built for torque, not for speed, yet many motorists that get stuck behind agricultural vehicles start to get a red mist and forget that tractors need to go on the road to drive to other farms or fields. Sadly for them, the age of the flying tractor has not yet arrived.

6. Excessive braking

Many folks like to hit that brake pedal just like how they hit that accelerator pedal! Not only is excessive braking bad for the car, but it’s also bad for the people behind that are trying hard not to accidentally slam into the back of the car in front!

7. Overly-cautious driving

People are often in a hurry to get to their destination and start to get angry when a slow, overly-cautious driver in front of them is impeding their progress by driving approximately 50% of the speed limit.

8. Scrap on wheels

Sometimes you might come across a person driving a car worryingly close to you that should have been scrapped a long time ago, and has many colors on their bodywork due to the previous encounters they’ve had with other motorists. Let’s hope they wise up and check out the classifieds for a more-refined BMW 7 Series for sale! If you are interested in learning more about the latest models of automobiles, check out this website https://kavkazweb.net/ for further details.