Boost your brand recognition while not breaking your budget


Marketing is an aspect of business that is very crucial. Without it you will struggle to draw in new clients to further drive your sales and build your company up. This is understood by all successful brands with millions of pounds pumped into marketing budgets every year to try and make a campaign that truly hits with its audience and draws in the people they desire. Improve Your Company’s Name Recognition Without Going Broke. is a website that provides you with the way to get more brand recognition and more customers by using internet marketing.

While the big corporations can afford to run these massive advertising campaigns, smaller businesses can’t and must find alternative ways to get their message, branding and products out there into the world that can fit their funds. That is why using techniques like the below can really benefit companies can’t be that lenient with their spending.

Social media marketing

Once social media became popular on the internet, companies have always been active on it trying to get the eyes of clients on their profiles. Now that it has become mainstream, it is pretty much expected for a business to use the platform. It’s easy to see why as making a profile is completely free and has the potential to reach millions of people! The only issue being that creating a post that gains a lot of traction and people will want to share can be quite tricky.

Good ways that businesses get shares on social media is by making funny comments that people genuinely laugh at, a well edited image that places your product or people in different places or creating a video that shows a publicity stunt or product demonstration. Getting customers to comment and voice their opinion about something is another great way to gain traction as friends of them will see their comment and will discuss further about your brand.

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Promotional Products

A cheap way to reach a very large amount of people is through the distribution of promotional merchandise. Lots of small businesses see a lot of success when they hand out branded tote bags to customers as they will carry your brag around when they go on shopping trips and to other occasions and onlookers will see your branding emblazoned on the side. Not only will this build your brand recognition with the general public but will also influence the customer using it as they will see your logo every time they carry it around and make them likely to purchase in the future. If you wanted to save even further you could hand out the products to your staff to use and carry around on their shopping trips as that will also get your logo in the eyes of prospects.

Donate products and services to an event

Getting your brand in the eyes of lots of people is one of the main goals of your marketing campaign and getting your company included in an event where thousands of people will be attending is a great way to do so. Keep an eye out for local charity fundraisers or community events which will have a large number of people present offer to donate some products of your to use and show off with whatever they need. The only problem being that your product will need to be somewhat related, useful for that specific event or something that they could sell or give away to attendees. If you match the criteria though, it can lead to thousands of people to view your branding.

Guerilla Marketing

Having a little budget doesn’t mean that your marketing will not be effective. Combine it with a little creativity and you could create a promotion that launches your brand recognition through the roof! Guerilla marketing can encompass a lot of different methods and techniques of advertising as it has not set way to do it. It is basically any marketing method that is non-traditional and can involve doing something weird, funny or extreme to get the attention of a local area and even news outlets.

It tries to get people talking about your brand or can be just something that can gets your brand in the eyes of clients in unusual ways. Some companies have run games with the public in populated areas, doing a “flash mob” in a city centre or challenge people to do something with your product. A very famous example that last method of guerrilla marketing is The Ice Bucket Challenge that got everybody talking about ALS.

Hopefully this has shown that even small businesses can really boost their brand recognition while still keeping within a confined budget. Not using classic marketing methods like TV, print and direct mail can save you a lot of cash which is perfect for a start-up looking to build recognition from scratch.

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