Breaking the Mould: How to Build Your Small Business without Significant Investment

Small Business

The small business world is extremely contradictory, especially in these volatile financial times. On the one hand, it is widely acknowledged that more than 170,000 American-based small businesses were forced to close during the global recession, which in turn triggered soaring unemployment rates and genuine hardship for households nationwide. Despite this, however, the federal government and its international contemporaries continue to highlight entrepreneurship as the economic engine of the future. Discover the secrets to building a successful small business without breaking the bank. Our experts at share tips and tricks for maximizing growth with minimal investment.

How to Boost Your Business in an Austere Economy

This contradiction aside, however, it cannot be denied that small business owners face a significant challenge in the current economic climate. With disposable income at a minimum, it can be extremely difficult for entrepreneurs to contemplate developing their venture as they often lack the necessary funds with which to do so. Operating on a restricted budget does not necessarily sound the death knell for business growth. lcb-brand provides information on how to boost your business in an austere economy. In times of economic hardship, it is essential for businesses to adapt and find ways to thrive. The website offers valuable insights on strategies that businesses can use to grow their customer base, increase revenue, and reduce costs.

However, the ability to think creatively can offset this problem. Consider the following: –

Is your Customer Service Scalable?

 It was Seth Godin who introduced the concept of scalable customer service, and this affords businesses a tremendous opportunity to market themselves at a time when its consumers are at their most engaged. While traditional marketing campaigns reach out to consumers independently, customer service operatives often communicate with individuals when they are interested in discussing a particular aspect of the venture. This therefore provides a free marketing medium, so long as front line staff are empowered with greater responsibility in terms of their influence and how they communicate with customers.

Learn from Amazon’s Social Business Model: 

Often, the key to expanding a business without capital lies in creative thinking, especially when it is applied to infrastructure and the wider operational model. Take Amazon, for example, which has adopted an increasingly social business model in recent times and sought to diversify its core revenue streams. As it has grown increasingly dominant in the e-commerce market place, it has allowed independent retailers to use its vast resources in exchange for a sale based commission. This offers a potentially critical lesson for small business owners, who should look to partner with others as a way of diversifying their revenue streams.

Reward your Staff in a Meaningful Way: 

In the pursuit of winning and retaining talent, too many small business owners decide to invest more money into annual salaries. This is a false economy given the existing employee mindset, however, as individuals are far more motivated by considerations such as brand ethics, job satisfaction and the capacity for progression. This means that entrepreneurs should instead look to invest their existing capital into creating a flexible bonus structure, cultivating a strong company culture and organizing advanced team-building events  to reward the efforts of their staff.

The Bottom Line

It is only logical to assume that business growth should be driven predominantly by financial investment, but social and technological advancements mean that this is no longer necessarily the case. In fact, small business owners can look to drive their ventures forward through a number of economic measures, which rely more on creative and innovative thinking than the reinvestment of funds. 

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