Mysterious Travel Destinations and Places of the World

Mysterious Destinations

The Nazca Lines

First in the mysterious travel destinations is a place which you may have hardly heard about. It is Nazca Lines in Peru, which are mysterious lines created hundreds of years ago. The Nazca Lines are series of symbols and ancient designs drawn in Nazca Desert, which is located in southern Peru. Nazca Lines are spread on an area of 50 miles in the desert. According to the believed supposition, they were drawn between 400 and 650 AD by Nazca civilization in Peru. They designed these pictographs by scratching out the rocks of the floor of desert and exposing the earth underneath. The lines are undamaged for centuries due to the dry climate across the year. The mystery lines form hundreds of shapes from simply lines to other living beings including spiders, orcas, fish, birds, monkeys, insects, and plants. If you are interested in learning more about traveling to beautiful places, visit this website for further details.

Reach The Nazca Lines

You can reach The Nazca Lines only by bus journey. As the planes will take you over the desert where Nazca Lines exist but to reach exactly at the historical and mystical shapes, you would have to travel on public buses. You can get buses from Ica, Pisco, Lima, The South and Cusco cities of Peru.

2. Eye of the Sahara

Eye of the Sahara, also known as The Richat Structure is an astonishing spiral structure in the Sahara Desert in western part of Mauritania. Astronauts on space missions measured its diameter which is about 40 kilometer. Initially, different guesses were developed about it however later it was found to be a very deeply eroded formation.

Inside the Richat Structure, there are diverse kinds of igneous rocks. If you love unearthing the mysterious places in the world, just look at the picture of Eye of the Sahara and you will imagine how amazing and beautiful it would be to roam around it. Won’t you like posing for your travel album at one of the most unique and strange structure of the world? I definitely will if I ever got a chance for that.

Reaching the Eye of Sahara

You can move off toward the Eye of the Sahara on four-wheel desert jeep. First reach Mauritania and then Ouadane which is a small town therein. Ouadane is also know as Wadan. Our destination – The Richat Structure – is at a distance of 40km from Ouadane. You can hire local tourist guide or a four-wheel desert jeep to cover this desert distance. You can also reach the place through other countries like Mali and Niger, however, make sure you consult the travel advisories in these countries before you set out. Another route is to travel to Atar, Mauritania and then book a tour package to ensure everything goes appropriately. The best time to plan your visit is December when desert is not the hottest. If you are looking for a website that provides you with complete information about mysterious destinations for traveling, look at this website for further details.

3. The Yonaguni Monument

If an adventurer comes to explore The Yonaguni Monument, he would deem it the most mysterious place in the world. It is an astounding submerged rock monument exists off the coastline of Yonaguni island which is the southernmost of Ryuku Islands in Japan. Discovered in 1987, some divers noticed this underwater monument and soon it became a debate among Japanese scientists. It consists of a series of massive rocks with large platforms, steps and giant size pillars with depths of up to 40 meters. It is still a debate that the Yonaguni Monument is natural, modified natural or a completely human made structure.

There are around 70 sites for dive at the monument however mysterious stones (Iseki) and Ishibutai are famous. Ishibutai is a 10 m high wall with mysterious face carved onto it.

Reaching the Yonaguni Monument

Depart your country, reach Tokyo, Nagoya or Osaka and fly to Yonaguni. Or inquire airlines in your country offer direct flight to Yonaguni.

4. The Great Sphinx of Giza 

A sphinx is a giant stone made statue with a human face and lion body. The most mysterious and famous sphinx lies in Egypt – the Great Sphinx of Giza. Size of this giant wonder is 240 x 20 x 66. It is the largest monument of this kind in the whole world. It is situated next to the pharaoh Khafra pyramid and archeologists deem the face on sphinx is of pharaoh Khafra.

Yet the researchers are unable to understand why the sphinx was erected, when and how. If it is related to pharaoh Khafra, the story would take us back to 2500 BC. The human wisdom is still astonished seeing this marvel, creating which today is just impossible.

 Reaching The Great Sphinx of Giza

The monumental wonder is situated at the Giza Plateau in Giza which is the third largest city in Egypt, located at the western bank of River Nile. You can access Egypt through Cairo International Airport and then by road to Giza as its local Imbaba Airport is shut these by Egyptian Government. From Giza you can easily get to this wondrous and mysterious travel destination by jeep or motorcar.

5. The Baigong Pipes

Baigong Pipes are series of strange, rusty, thousands of years old pipe-like formation in China. These pipes are situated near the Baigong Mount which is 25 miles away from Delingha city in Qinghai province. Initially, people believed that the pipes indicate the plumbing system of an ancient or alien living but later on, researches revealed that they are hardened tree roots.

Some pipes are associated with caves in Mount Baigong. Researchers found that the caves occur on the front face of the mount. Mouths of two little caves have been collapsed and only one cave can be entered.

No one yet has been unearthed the mystery that who built these large metal pipes. If I were to visit the world’s most mysterious places to travel, I must have booked a ticket to Delingha to see this amazing mystery of the world.

Reaching the Baigon Pipes

Leave your own country and reach the Delingha City in China either by a direct flight or through any other city of China.

The location is at 25 miles/40 km away southwest of Delingha. You can drive or hire travel guides to explore the destination. For more details about the world tour, visit this dedicated website: