Don’t Just Drive Play Some Fun Games During Your Road Trip

Fun Games During Road Trip

No matter how awesome your final destination may be, the sheer process of driving for long periods of time can be arduous and dull. After a while, all the roads you pass begin to look the same, and the frequent whines of ‘Are we there yet?’ from tired children or annoying adult friends can really grate on the driver’s nerves. To make road trips more bearable and bust boredom and driver fatigue en route, why not road-test these 5 games next time you’re on a long driving journey? Drivers are included as well (what a bonus)! If you want to learn more about the fun games for a road trip, visit this website for further details.


A variation of a game known by slightly more violent names like ‘Slug-a-bug’ and ‘Punch Buggy’, this version involves spotting not Volkswagens but rather that brightest of colours: yellow vehicles. Simply be the first to cry out “Spotto!” when one of these elusive vehicles is in sight.As the driver, you’ve got the distinct advantage of your eyes being on the road already; if you’re driving through a region with yellow school buses, you’ve got this one in the bag. Why not add bonus points for rarer combinations – as a nod to the game’s previous incarnations, let’s say a yellow Volkswagen is a jackpot.

Name that song

We’ve all had the feeling of recognizing a song but being unable to name its title or singer – and the eventual satisfaction when, sometimes even days later, the information resurfaces. This game will speed up the process by adding a motive to win: serious gloating privileges (obviously). Or even lollies, if you’re lucky. To play, all you need to do is have your memory sharp and ready to name the trickiest of ditties. A bonus suggestion that may or may not be verging on cheating: before you begin playing, as the driver, why not make the conditions in your favor by switching the radio to a station whose music you’re particularly familiar with? For more details, visit this website:


An extension of sorts, but altogether more challenging and rewarding, is the humble yet powerful trivia game. Use an app, website or even printed cards from a board game for a list of tricky questions that’ll stump even the smartest of your car companions. The educational benefits are worth noting, as are the bragging rights of apparent genius that come with winning. The more difficult your questions are, the better and you’re sure to win.


This game is difficult yet all the more enjoyable. Have you ever sat at a cafe and simply watched the passersby, wondering about their circumstances? Ever taken it a step further and started to construct elaborate stories to explain why they are doing what they’re doing? This is the crux of the game: conjuring fake life stories about strangers you pass. The more imaginative the story, the better. A warning, though: be careful not to stare too long at your chosen subject, or you will come across as creepy.

I Spy

What list of road trip games would be complete without this classic? If it’s been a few decades since you’ve indulged, the rules remain simple: the spy will repeat the familiar refrain of, “I spy with my little eye, something beginning with A”, for example, ’s sake, leaving their fellow players to guess the object in question. As the driver, the most alert person in the car, you have a clear advantage in this game. Use it wisely, and good luck.

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